Precise bevel gearbox for higher loads WGKG 5060

Bevel gearbox with minimised backlash for low and medium power ratings, shafts supported by ball bearings, stainless steel gears.

Higher torque of 250Ncm with 1:1 ratio, other ratios available from stock.

Modifications and new designs can also be realised for small quantities.

Technical data - Bevel gearbox

technical data WGKG 5060
max. torque

with i= 1:1  250 Ncm

with i= 2:1  150 Ncm

material housing aluminium anodised
material shafts stainless steel
material gear wheels stainless steel
weight     389 g
temperature range -20 +80 ºC


    output shafts
  i Z+Y Y Z
WGKG 5060 1:1 T0/01 Y0/01 Z0/01
    x x x
WGKG 5060 2:1 TL/02 YL/02 ZL/02
    x x x


To download the step file, please select the required gear ratio.

Technical drawing