90 degree angular gearbox WGXO 3026, WGXOA 3026

High-quality bevel gearbox with minimised backlash for low and medium power, stainless steel gears, available with sintered bronze bearings or ball bearings.

Ideal for simple adjustment tasks and slow rotary movements.

Technical data - Bevel gear boxes

technical data WGXO 3026 WGXOA3026
max. torque 60 Ncm 60 Ncm
material bearing angle aluminium anodised aluminium anodised
material shafts stainless steel stainless steel
material gear wheels stainless steel stainless steel
weight 33 g 33 g
temperature range -20 +80 ºC -20 +80 ºC
bearings sinter bearings ball bearings


Gear ratio also available in 1:2


    output shaft
    Z+Y Y Z
  i T0/01 Y0/01 Z0/01
WGXO 3026 1:1 x x x
WGXOA3026 1:1 x x x


To download the step file, please select the required gear ratio.

Technical drawings