Worm gearbox


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Worm gearboxes: low-noise gear drive for high transmission ratios

Worm gearboxes from abp Antriebstechnik allow a particularly high transmission ratio in a small space and are therefore ideal for demanding space conditions.

The worm drive consists of a worm wheel and a worm. The gearbox is self-locking due to the low lead angle. For this reason, worm gearboxes are very suitable for applications in which the gearbox must not run backwards even under load.

Worm gearboxes work with high precision, are powerful and reliably compensate for axis misalignments. For this reason, the low-noise and insensitive gearboxes are used in demanding applications such as conveyor systems, separating machines or profile processing machines.

The transmission ratio is calculated by dividing the number of teeth on the worm wheel by the number of gears on the worm.