Worm gearbox SGSG 4050

The worm gearboxes from abp offer universal application possibilities for small and medium capacities. The built-in worm is made of case-hardened and polished steel to minimise friction, while the associated worm wheel is made of bronze.

Available directly from stock with sintered bronze bearings. Three reduction ratios are possible - further modifications or new designs can be requested directly from us: anfrage@abp-antrieb.de

We can also supply these worm gears with ball bearings on request.

Technical data - Worm gearbox

technical data SGSG 4050
max. torque 80 Ncm
material housing aluminium anodised
material bearings sintered bronze plain bearings
material shafts stainless steel
material worm steel case-hardened
material worm wheel bronze
weight    190 g
temperature range -20 +80 ºC


Also available with ball bearings on request.

Worm rising to the right.

The gear is self-locking.


    output shaft
  i Z+Y Y Z
SGSG 4050 1:1 T0/75 Y0/75 Z0/75
    x x x
SGSG 4050 2:1 T0/10 Y0/10 Z0/10
    x x x
SGSG 4050 1:2 T0/20 Y0/20 Z0/20
    x x x


To download the step file, please select the required gear ratio.  

Technical drawing