Bellows coupling                             BKXK 3030

Backlash-free, angularly aligned transmission, optimum compensation of misalignment, very high torsion spring stiffness, low restoring forces, vibration damping effect, stainless steel bellows and clamping hubs.

Technical data- bellows coupling BKXK

Technical data


BKXK 3030

max. speedmin-¹10.000
max. torqueNcm200
max. offset of shafts  
          radialmm± 0,30
          axialmm± 0,40
          angularGrad± 4
torsion spring stiffnessNm/rad240
radial spring stiffnessN/mm80
moment of inertiagcm237
max. clamping torqueNcm120
temperature range°C-40/ +140
weight app.g31
material flangealuminiumanodised
material bellowsstainless steel 

Bore combinations BKXK 3030

10 xxxxx
12  xxxx
14   xxx
15    xx
16     x


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Technical drawings