Double loop couplings


Double loop couplings from abp: Flexible coupling with loop shape in 3 variants.

When are double loop couplings the preferred choice? Their unique design with their special plastic equalising element (in double loop form) makes them extremely shock- and vibration-damping and rigid on the one hand, but less torsionally stiff on the other. Double-loop couplings can therefore compensate for very large radial, axial and angular misalignments. The other advantages of plastic loops are their excellent electrical decoupling and thermal insulation in many applications. And they are maintenance-free.

Areas of application: They are suitable, for example, for drives in mechanical and plant engineering, in lift technology and in measurement technology - for driving encoders and resolvers, in the chemical industry and for applications in harsh environments.

abp double loop couplings DKPS and DKPSX

With abp double loop couplings, equalising elements made of polyurethane Hytrel® ensure the greatest possible flexibility. Thanks to our special manufacturing process, DKPS and DKPSX products guarantee uniform material thickness and therefore maximum reliability. The DKPSX variant has steel hubs. All DKPS are available with keyways and various hub bores.

abp DKPSF - NEW with FDA-compliant loop part for the food industry and sensitive areas of application

abp double loop couplings are now available with plastic loops for food contact. This DKPSF variant is perfectly matched to the requirements of the food industry thanks to its A4 stainless steel hubs, the optical detectability, optimum design for hygienic cleaning and the plastic with FDA approval.