Double loop couplings


Double loop couplings DKPS

Our double loop couplings with their connecting polyurethane elements ensure a high flexibility. The manufacturing process guarantees a uniform material thickness and thus maximum reliability. These connecting elements allow the coupling to compensate for very large radial, axial and angular misalignments. Another positive effect is the excellent electrical and thermal insulation. The flanges are made of galvanised steel, each hub has two grub screws according to DIN 916. The DKPS are available in 4 lengths: 28 mm, 35 mm, 48 mm and 58 mm. Bores up to 19 mm diameter are available in the largest version, and bores of 10 mm are possible even in the smallest size. Upon request the flanges with keyway are available, and various hole combinations are also possible. The double loop couplings are suitable for drives in mechanical and plant engineering, elevator constructions, in measurement technology for driving rotary encoders and resolvers.