Helix coupling WKXK 2532 made of stainless steel with clamping hubs

The WKXK 2532 is a stainless steel version with clamping hubs in the abp programme. Made from a single piece and therefore ideal for use in harsh environments, in medical technology or in the food sector. This is evident from the higher torques due to the design and the adapted temperature range.

Please also compare our lighter aluminium versions or the same version with screw hubs WKXS 2532.

Technical data - Helix coupling stainless steel

technical data   WKXK 2532
max. speed min-¹ 6000
max. torque Ncm 200
max. offset of shafts    
          radial mm ± 0,35
          axial mm ± 0,5
          angular Grad ± 4
torsion spring stiffness Nm/rad 29
radial spring stiffness N/mm 150
moment of inertia gcm2 84
max. clamping torque Ncm 150
temperature range °C -30/+180
weight appr. g 88
material stainless steel   1.4305

Bore combination WKXK 2532

d1/d2 06 08 10  
06 x x x  
08   x x  
10     x  


To download the step file, please select the required bore combination.

Technical drawing