VA4 stainless steel shaft couplings 1.4404: corrosion resistant

A special feature in the abp product portfolio are various shaft couplings in A4 stainless steel quality (1.4404). Compared to other stainless steels, these are characterized by their increased corrosion resistance in extremely harsh environments and to aggressive media.

Examples of applications are:
1 abp VA4 stainless steel shaft couplings are resistant to salt and seawater, among other things. Thus, they are used in offshore applications or in industrial plants close to the sea, such as wind turbines or harbor cranes and pumps.  
2 In addition, abp VA4 stainless steel shaft couplings are resistant to chlorides and other aggressive media. On the one hand, this predestines them for use in swimming pool technology. On the other hand, in medical, pharmaceutical and chemical-technical apparatus, such as fluid technology or in cleaning machines, so-called RDTs for cleaning, disinfection or drying. In addition, there are other special wet areas.
3 Further advantages of the abp VA4 stainless steel shaft couplings (all-metal design) are their high resistance to acids and abrasive gases as well as their food-safe properties. These properties qualify them for use in the food industry as well as in the field of environmental technology and renewable energies. Typical applications are e.g. food mixers, pumps or air purity measuring devices.

Possible applications are: harsh environments such as offshore, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, pumps, swimming pool technology, food industry, fluid measuring technology, air purity measuring devices. The right coupling for your application.