Spring coupling


 Spring couplings: NEW! with stainless steel hubs

Spring couplings from abp are one of the most resilient couplings in our portfolio. We now offer them with stainless steel hubs and springs made of nickel-plated spring steel. Ideal for harsh environments and robust applications. The FKXS spring couplings have a strong vibration-damping effect and are insensitive to peak loads. This makes them suitable for drives of all kinds in a wide range of applications and less suitable for measuring tasks.

The robust design of the abp FKXS spring couplings ensures optimum compensation of misalignments. They can be used universally with low restoring forces for the backlash-free transmission of rotary movements. The high elastic limit and tensile strength ensure that the spring returns to its original state even after heavy loads.

Areas of application: Stepper motors, woodworking machines, bakery systems, storage systems, heating technology, lift construction, motion transmission for ventilation flaps.