FSKK 3022/3027

backlash-free and angularly aligned transmission of rotary movements, high torsional spring stiffness, medium restoring forces, electrically insulating, plug in design, suitable for transducers, for applications requiring very high speeds, good compensation of misalignments, vibration damping effect.

Technical data- Spring disc coupling FSKK

Technical data


FSKK 3022

FSKK 3027

max. speedmin-¹12.00012.000
max. torqueNcm6060
max. offset of shafts   
          radialmm± 0,3± 0,3
          axialmm± 0,4± 0,4
          angularGrad± 2,5± 2,5
torsion spring stiffnessNm/rad3030
radial spring stiffnessN/mm4040
moment of inertiagcm23537
max. clamping torqueNcm120120
temperature range°C-10/ +80-10/ +80
weight appr.g3032
material flangealuminiumanodised 

Polyamid 6.6

fiberglas reinforced


Bore combinations FSKK 3022

8 xxxxx
95  xxxx
10   xxx
12    xx
14     x

Ø95 ≙ Ø 9,52mm/ Ø 3/8

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Bore combination FSKK 3027

8 xxxxx
10  xxxx
12   xxx
14    xx
16     x

To download the step file, please select the required bore combination.

Technical drawings