W3YK 2532

increased resistance to corrosion by VA4 stainless steel (1.4404), universal application for backlash-free, angle-synchronous transmission of rotary movements, high torsional spring stiffness, medium restoring forces, vibration-damping, optimum compensation of misalignments, no moving parts, manufactured in one piece, free helix area, clamping hub.

Technical data - Heavy duty helix coupling stainless steel

Technical data


W3YK 2532

max. speed min-¹ 5.000
max. torque Nm 6
max. offset of shafts    
          radial mm ± 0,13
          axial mm ± 0,2
          angular Grad ± 5
torsion spring stiffness Nm/rad 35
radial spring stiffness N/mm 252
moment of inertia gcm2 82
max. clamping torque Ncm 120
temperature range °C -40/ +200
weight appr. g 86
material stainless steel 1.4404 V4A


Bore combinations W3YK 2532

d1/d2 8 95 10 12
8 x x x x
95   x x x
10     x x
12       x

Ø95 ≙ Ø 9,52mm/ Ø 3/8

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Technical drawings