Measuring wheels 152 mm - 6 inch

Measuring wheels made of aluminium, cross-knurled, very good circular running properties, highest measuring accuracy, reduced mass due to optimised design.

Now also available in inch sizes.


Technical data - measuring wheels

technical dataMRAR 152
material corealuminium
material running surfacealuminium
rinnung surface structurecross-hatched knurling
circumference152,4 mm ±0,2
moment of inertia gcm20,11x103
weight60 g
fields of applicationPappe
 weicher Kunststoff


Thermal characteristics 
heat resistance short-termmax.    100ºC
permanent temperature resistancemax.     80ºC
cold resistanceuntil     -30ºC
the specified temperature depends on the area of application


MRAR 152 - 6 Zollx x xxx 


Ø95 ≙ Ø 9,52mm/ Ø 3/8

To download the step file, please select the required bore combination.

Further bore sizes on request.


Technical drawing

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