Measuring wheels 500 mm

Measuring wheels made of aluminium, cross-knurled or polyurethane coated with different tread structures for length measurement of different materials, very good running properties, highest measuring accuracy, reduced mass due to optimised shaping.

Technical data - measuring wheels

technical dataMRAR 500MRAP 500MRAN 500MRAG 500
material corealuminiumaluminiumaluminiumaluminium
material running surfacealuminiumpolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethane
running surface structurecross-hatched knurlingsmoothstuddedcorrugated
circumference500 mm ±1,0500 mm ±1,0500 mm ±1,0500 mm ±1,0
moment of inertia gcm217,1x10315,3x10315,5x10315,2x103
weight   505 g501 g483 g501 g
fields of applicationpaperboardgreased metalsrough textilesungreased metal
 timbersteel profilescarpetlaquered surfaces
 textileslaquered surfacescable measurementsynthetics
 soft plasticpaper-paperboardpaper-paperboardtimber
  wire floor coverings
recommended pressure 15N15N15N


Thermal characteristics 
heat resistance short termmax.    100ºC
permanent temperature resistancemax.     80ºC
cold resistanceuntil     -30ºC

the specified temperature depends on the area of application

Due to the large number of possible application and operating conditions, no guarantee can be given for the behaviour of a polyurethane compound in all areas of application. It is the responsibility of the user to test the material selection in a specific application to determine its intended use.


MRAR 500x xxx 
MRAP 500x xxx 
MRAN 500x xxx 
MRAG 500x xxx 


To download the step file, please select the required bore combination.

Further bore sizes on request.

Technical drawings