About ABP


About us

abp couplings, gear and gear parts win over our customers thanks to their high precision, smooth running, power density, synchronous running quality and a long service life and offer the perfect solution for every application. Through consistent quality control during all process steps, we guarantee consistent product quality at a verifiably high technical level. We can fall back on current measuring, testing and continuous operation equipment. Our aim is to always be a flexible and reliable partner in the global market.
The History

abp was founded in 1999 by Wilhelm Ploetz and Bernd Bäuerle in St. Georgen in the Black Forest. Thanks to its profound technical knowledge and excellent sales skills, the young company received the "Founder Champion" award at national level in May 2000. And the Black Forest success story continues: abp today has its headquarters in the Technology Center in St. Georgen, employs more than 20 people and is proud of an international and constantly growing customer base. In the meantime the founding members have retired. The company is now managed by Mrs. Barbara Ploetz and Mr. Werner Bösinger.