Bellows couplings


Wide range of bellows couplings

The miniaturised metal bellows couplings from abp are primarily used in rotary encoders, pulse generators, resolvers, slip ring units, servomotors and electrical drive components. They offer backlash-free, angularly synchronised power transmission and optimally compensate for misalignment. We offer an unusually wide range of products in small sizes from 15 to 40 mm in diameter and lengths between 20 and 48 mm. We use bronze, stainless steel and aluminium for the materials. The bellows couplings are available with screw hubs or with clamping hubs, the design of which protects the shafts during assembly.

In many applications, control and regulation circuits are dependent on highly accurate positioning and bearing feedback. Rotary encoders or resolvers must be connected to the drive in a torsionally rigid and flexurally flexible manner. Metal bellows couplings from abp have very high torsional rigidity with low restoring forces and ensure error-free transmission of the rotary motion to the transducer. The bearing load on the shafts is minimised by the vibration-damping effect of the bellows.

The range of applications for our equalising couplings is as broad as the product range: Rotary encoders, pulse generators, servo motors, test benches, printing machines, bearings and conveyor technology, CNC machines, wind energy for rotor bearing feedback, crane systems, lifts, welding systems, automation, synchronised spindle drives, rotary transmission in drives or slip ring units in electric motors.