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Your personal contact


Your personal contact


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Whether you need expert advice on a design or have a question about an offer or an invoice, you will find your contact person here. We are happy to be there for you personally. Please contact us by phone or email. Of course, you can also use the   contact page.



Barbara Ploetz

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-0

Mail: info[at]


Werner Bösinger

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-0

Mail: info[at]


Sales Gear Parts / Gears

Frank Laabs

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-19

Mail: frank.laabs[at]

Sales Distributor / Marketing

Isabella Rojo

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-24

Mail: isabella.rojo[at]

Sales Industry

Marita Fuchs

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-13

Mail: marita.fuchs[at]

Key Account / Encoder customers

Dennis Limburg

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-25

Mail: dennis.limburg[at]

order managment/ internal sales

order management

Waltraud Eichkorn

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-12

Mail: waltraud.eichkorn[at]

order management

Ute Bösinger

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-28

Mail: ute.boesinger[at]

Further contacts

construction/ IT

Christian Fehrenbach

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-11

Mail: christian.fehrenbach[at]


Doris Obergfell

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-20

Mail: doris.obergfell[at]

purchasing department

Heike Kitiratschky

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-14

Mail: heike.kitiratschky[at]

quality managemant

Iwan Krez

Tel +49(0) 7724/58008-23

Mail: iwan.krez[at]