Encoder accessories


Encoder accessories

Our standard product range includes an extensive selection of encoder accessories for projects. Regardless of whether you need compatible accessories for incremental, absolute encoders or, for example, draw-wire encoders. These range from reducing sleeves, mounting eccentrics and mounting brackets to encoder holders and our complex spring arms and economical sets with matching measuring wheels. If you cannot find the optimum encoder accessories for your project in our programme, please contact us. We develop and manufacture customised solutions in-house and are experts in this field.

Intelligent solutions for rotary encoders

We offer you innovative and well-thought-out solutions for mounting and optimal use of your encoder. Our accessories can reliably adapt your application to a wide variety of devices without causing unnecessary special mechanical changes. Each accessory is matched to our standard catalogue range and is compatible with it.


Special solutions

For non-standard products and in special areas of application, we will be pleased to develop a solution tailored to your needs. You are invited to contact us.