abp for robots, machines

Couplings for robots and machines

Hardware components in robotics and mechanical engineering must be highly precise and reliable. Like couplings from ABP-Antriebstechnik. We offer a wide range of torsionally-stiff, flexible couplings and toothed parts for a wide variety of applications.

Couplings for grab systems

Torsionally-stiff and flexible couplings meet the high requirements of grab systems in the field of robotics. With our backlash-free, high-quality compensating couplings, we offer a reliable element for components in the fully automated industry.

Toothing parts for industrial cameras

Sewer inspection systems for remote-controlled sewer, pipe and manhole inspection are equipped with the latest camera technology. Precision and reliability are required for positioning and alignment, even when space is limited. The ideal area of application for our custom-made gearing parts. We offer the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications and sizes.