Nickel bellows coupling


abp miniature nickel bellows couplings: Flexibility for high-precision applications

The miniature nickel bellows couplings from abp are mainly used for high-precision measurement technology tasks and similar sensitive applications. These couplings have an optimised ratio between the respective torsion spring stiffness and the restoring forces for the requirements set here. The abp nickel bellows couplings are characterised by an exceptionally high torsional stiffness, whereby misalignments are optimally compensated by the extreme flexibility of the bellows.

The folds in the nickel bellows are created by electrolytic deposition of nickel. This enables the production of a stress-free bellows with precisely controlled material thickness. The product range includes small sizes from 12 to 25 mm in diameter and lengths between 23 and 37 mm, whether with a fixed screw connection or with flexible clamping hubs, whose slotted design opens up more options for mounting.

Areas of application: High-precision measuring tasks in test benches, microscopes and precision machines, such as laser, welding and cutting systems.