abp for automation

Couplings for automation

In automation, the focus is on applications with precise, fast-motion sequences and positioning every day. Reliable shaft couplings are indispensable here to compensate misalignments between motors and systems and to ensure precise and constant transmission of the movement.

Low-maintenance packaging machines

Whether for film wrapping machines or blister packaging  with our couplings we guarantee consistently high reliability in continuous operation, even for large batches. Shaft misalignments caused by mounting tolerances, bearing wear or temperature fluctuations are unavoidable. Our torsionally-stiff but flexible couplings provide optimum compensation for every application. Here as well, the requirement is: high-torsional spring stiffness with the lowest possible restoring forces.


Synchronise Conveyor Belts

We have solutions for handling equipment, feed tables, palletising systems, etc. In order to ensure the optimal flow of products, conveyor belts must run synchronously. It is controlled by a motor which needs to have a torsionally-rigid coupling. High-quality and reliable shaft couplings from ABP ensure smooth operation and minimisation of operating failures.