Measuring wheels


High-precision measuring wheels for advanced length measurement

Our aluminum measuring wheels are available in several diameters and with different surfaces (cross-knurled, smooth, knurled, ribbed). This allows an individual optimal selection for many surfaces in different applications. In combination with a rotary encoder, our measuring wheels are ideal for belt speed measurements, e.g. in label printing, in packaging and filling processes, in baking and heating ovens or parcel and letter sorting systems. The ABP measuring wheels have very good concentricity properties and highest measuring accuracy. In combination with our encoder accessories a safe and reliable mounting is guaranteed.


Optimum wear values, special materials

An innovative manufacturing process ensures that there are no edges or sticking points on the coatings of the measuring wheels. This will not cause you any problems with solving surfaces. A specially-adapted material mixture also minimises wear. Due to particularly narrow manufacturing tolerances, it can be used in measurement instruments of accuracy class 1.

Our measuring wheels have optimum wear values under high mechanical stress and are highly resistant to oils, fuels, ozone and other weather influences. The selection of the right surface for your application depends on various factors, e.g. temperature and contact pressure play a role here. If you are have questions to a special application, please do not hesitate to contact us.