Bellows coupling BKBK 1222: 12 mm diameter, 22 mm long, clamping hub

The BKBK 1222 is a bellows coupling with bronze bellows. It is characterised by its very small design: only 22 mm long and 12 mm in diameter. The difference to the BKBS with screw hub are the clamping hubs and a particularly low weight of only 4 grams as well as a slightly higher moment of inertia of 2.5 gmm2. The other data and parameters are the same. The bronze bellows are non-magnetic, the flange is made of nickel-plated brass. A classic area of application is slip ring units in electric motors, for example.

Technical data - Bellows coupling with bronze bellow

technical data   BKBK 1222
max. speed min-¹ 10.000
max. torque Ncm 15
max. offset off shafts    
          radial mm ± 0,2
          axial mm ± 0,4
          angular Grad ± 2,5
torsion spring stiffness Nm/rad 45,0
radial spring stiffness N/mm 30,0
moment of inertia gcm2 2,5
max. clambing torque Ncm 30
temperature range °C 90
weight appr. g 4
material flange brass nickel plated
material bellows bronze nickel plated

Bore combination

d1/d2 02 03 04
02 x x x
03   x x
04     x


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Technical drawing