RKSK 2020 and RKTK 2020 friction couplings

The RKSK 2020 and RKTK 2020 miniature friction couplings are the clamping hub variants for shaft-friendly installation.

Friction couplings protect a mechanical drive from failure due to the permissible torque being exceeded. The RKSK version is equipped with a spiral spring, the RKTK version with a disc spring, depending on the speed or torque. The slipping torque can be infinitely adjusted.

Important: The gear wheel shown here is not included in the scope of delivery! However, it can be manufactured to your requirements on request. Please compare our variants with RKSS/RKTS screw hubs.

Technical data - Friction coupling

Technical data


RKSK 2020

RKTK 2020

    spiral spring plate spring
max. speed min-¹ 50 40
torque adjustable Ncm max.30 max.120
moment of inertia gcm2 8,4 7
max. clamping torque Ncm 100 100
temperature range °C -10/ +50 -10/ +50
weight appr. g 20 23
material flange 9SMnPb28 black finished  
clutch lining Nylatron    

Bore size

d RKSK 2020 RKTK 2020
04 x x
05 x x
06 x x


To download the step file, please select the required bore combination.

Technical drawings