RKSS 2025 and RKTS 2025 friction couplings

Friction couplings from abp are available with a spiral spring (RKSS version) or disc spring (RKTS), depending on whether a higher speed or torque is required, for example.

The RKSS 2025 and RKTS 2025 friction couplings with an overall length of 20 mm and a diameter of 25 mm are available with screw hubs. The slipping torque can be infinitely adjusted.

The gear wheel shown is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be manufactured to your requirements on request.

Compare our variants with RKSK/RKTK clamping hubs.

Technical data - Friction coupling

Technical data


RKSS 2025

RKTS 2025

    spiral spring plate spring
max. speed min-¹ 50 40
torque adjustable Ncm max.30 max.120
moment of inertia gcm2 8,4 9,9
max. clamping torque Ncm 80 80
temperature range °C -10/ +50 -10/ +50
weight appr. g 23 25
material flange 9SMnPb28 black finished  
clutch lining nylatron    

Bore size

d RKSS 2025 RKTS 2025
04 x x
05 x x
06 x x


To download the step file, please select the required bore combination.

Technical drawings