NEW: FKXS 2650 spring coupling with stainless steel hubs

The FKXS 2650 spring coupling made of nickel-plated spring steel is the largest and most powerful spring coupling in our range. With a diameter of 26 mm and an installation length of 50 mm, it offers by far the best performance values compared to its smaller sisters. Designed for harsh environments thanks to the stainless steel hubs, it is characterised by high vibration damping and an extremely elastic and flexible spring. It also has high torque and moment of inertia values.

Compare this with our smaller variants FKXS 1225 and FKXS 1635.

Technical data - Spring coupling FKXS

Technical data


FKXS 2650  

max. speed min-¹ 3.000
max. torque Ncm 150
max. offset of shafts    
          radial mm ± 1,5
          axial mm ± 1,0
          angular Grad ± 5

torsion angle at the half of nominal torque, rotating direction clockwise in view of propulsive shaft

Grad 40
-counter clockwise of propulsing shaft Grad 60
moment of inertia gcm2 129
max. clamping torque Ncm 300                  
temperature range °C -40/ +150
weight appr. g 131
material spring spring steel wire  
material hubs stainless steel 1.4305  


Bore combination FKXS 2650

d1/d2 06 08 10 12 14
06 x x x x o
08   x x x o
10     x x o
12       x o
14         o


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