Highly resistance to corrosion due to V4A stainless steel hubs (1.4404), medium torsion spring stiffness, low restoring forces, shock and vibration damping, very good compensation of radial, lateral and angular misalignments, no moving parts, thermally and electrically insulating, smooth running, maintenance-free.

Technical data- double loop coupling DKPSY

Technical data



max. speed min-¹ 3.000
max. torque Nm 2
max. offset of shafts    
          radial mm ± 3
          axial mm ± 4
          angular Grad ± 12
torsion spring stiffness Nm/rad 28
radial spring stiffness N/mm 7
moment of inertia gcm2 106
max. clamping torque Ncm 100
temperature range °C -30/ +80
weight app. g 88
material flange stainless steel 1.4404 V4A
connecting element polyurethane- hytrel®  

Bore combination DKPSY4848

d1/d2 10 12 14
10 x x x
12   x x
14     x


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Technical drawings