Economical spring arm set
DAAF 3666 26 with measuring wheel

The DAAF 3666 26 spring arm is sold as an attractively priced set with our narrow MRAO and MSAP measuring wheels and is our cost-effective and economical solution for simple measuring tasks.

The contact pressure can be set quickly and easily from 0.5N to 4N using an adjusting screw. The position of the arm can be rotated through 360 degrees and enables flexible mounting. The DAAF 3666 26 is equipped with an 8 mm hole pattern and is compatible with the matching 36 mm rotary encoders.

You can find an overview of the ordering options on our data sheet daaf 3666 26.

Quality made in Germany.

Technical data - Spring loaded arm

technical data DAAF 3666 26
material aluminium, anodised
temperature range -30/ +60 ºC
weight 139 g


DAAF 60120 36


Technical drawing